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Larry Phelps

My Passion

My passion in life is to help people and organizations use technology to be more efficient and effective.   If you are looking for ways to stand out from the pack, you have come to the right place.

I have been in the computer technology field for over thirty years as a programmer, test engineer, software engineering manager, sales engineer, sales manager, and founder/owner of a computer technology company.

It has been my privilege to work on consulting projects for a variety of organizations and individuals.  I have worked on projects for IBM, the U.S. Air Force, the IRS, Bell Labs, and Compaq Computers, as well as hundreds of small businesses, community action agencies, non-profits, attorney’s offices, cities, and other local government agencies.

I have helped many small to mid-size organizations move their IT to Cloud Computing.   Also, I have helped organizations streamline business processes using the Laserfiche enterprise content management system.

I work for a Laserfiche solution provider, Hemingway Solutions as Director of Sales and  Marketing.  

We help Community Action Agencies, Non-profits, and Small to Mid-size businesses go paperless and automate business processes.



Are You Frustrated?

Are you frustrated with your current Laserfiche support or lack thereof?

  Laserfiche reduces stress


Productivity Improvement

Do you feel like you are not seeing the improvement you were hoping to see with your Laserfiche implementation? I have helped organizations like yours find simple solutions that help your staff become more efficient and effective.

Looking for a way that your clients can securely upload documents to you?

I have helped many organizations implement a portal that allows clients to safely upload documents and automate the processing of those documents without risking their security.



Laserfiche Consulting By Industry


cap logo

Community Action Agencies

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laserfiche consulting for natural gas industries


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smb laserfiche consulting

Small to Mid-Size Business

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Complete List of Industries


        • Community Action Partnership
        • Community Health
        • Insurance
        • City Government
        • County Government
        • Finance
        • Collection Agency
        • Child Care
        • Head Start
        • Manufacturing
        • Distribution
        • Waste Management
        • Education – School District
        • Title Insurance
        • Public Utility Company
        • Energy Services
        • Public Health
        • Small to Mid-Size Business


Laserfiche Consulting Expertise Includes:

invoice capture

Invoice Capture and Approval Automation

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going paperless eliminates lost documents

Application Processing

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Laserfiche Consulting Expertise Includes:


  • Application Approval Process
  • Case Management
  • Invoice Capture
  • AP Approval Automation
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • ERP Integrations such as Abila, Great Plains Dynamics, Sage, and Tyler
  • Insurance Application Automation
  • Loan Application
  • Expense Report Automation
  • Contract Management
  • Mail Room Automation
  • Electronic Forms
  • Remote Work
  • Automated Document Filing
  • Client File Upload

ecm reduces duplicate data entry

Business Process Automation

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Laserfiche Consulting by Department:


CAP paperless story

Energy Assistance and Case Management

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scanning into paperless system


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Laserfiche Consulting By Department:


        • Case management
        • Energy Assistance
        • Housing
        • Accounting
        • HR
        • Public Works
        • City Clerk
        • Finance
        • Collections
        • IT
        • Compliance
        • Legal
        • Administration
        • Purchasing
        • Engineering

laserfiche consulting for administration


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Laserfiche Integrations

laserfiche gis integration

GIS Integration

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ablia laserfiche integration

Abila MIP Integration

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Laserfiche Integrations


  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Abila MIP
  • Tyler
  • People Soft
  • SoftPak (IBM Series)
  • Accountmate
  • Sage Inntac
  • NetSuite
  • Great Plains Dynamics
  • and many SQL applications

laserfiche integration to sql application

SQL Application Integration

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Laserfiche Consulting Projects We Have Done:

Laserfiche Consulting client Catherine Fair

Energy Assistance Approval 

Community Action Partnership Ramsey Washington

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laserfiche client Corrie Kuester

People Soft Integration

Minneapolis Star tribune

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More Laserfiche Projects

Laserfiche consulting client CCH

Invoice Capture and Abila Integration

Community Health Centers

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Are You Looking For A Paperless Solution?

I have helped hundreds of organizations like yours go paperless and automate business processes using Laserfiche ECM.

Looking to Learn More About Laserfiche?

If you would like to learn more about it, here is a great video that will give you a good overview.

Laserfiche explainer video

Wondering If Moving to Laserfiche Cloud Is The Right Solution?

I have helped many organizations determine if a self-hosted (on-premise) solution or Laserfiche Cloud was the best solution for them.

Here is a short video explaining Laserfiche Cloud



Laserfiche Products

laserfiche cloud consulting

Lasefiche Cloud


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laserfiche workflow for energy assistance

Laserfiche Workflow

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Laserfiche Products

  • Laserfiche RIO
  • Laserfiche Avante
  • Laserfiche Workflow
  • Laserfiche Forms
  • Laserfiche Cloud
  • Laserfiche API
  • Laserfiche Quickfields

laserfiche forms helps CAP

Laserfiche Forms

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“I cannot even begin to express how elated I am with this product!!!!!!

Even when there are data elements that need to be fixed, the process is so painless and intuitive, and easy that it is absolutely a JOY to work in the system.

You have been so supportive and even suggesting fixes I would not have required. I get the feeling he is just as invested in getting us up and running as I am.

This has been the best software rollout experience I have ever had —- and I have launched a LOT of software programs (and written a few myself).

THANK YOU for all of your help and support!!!!!!!!”


Laserfiche consulting client CCH

Dee Bradshaw
Director of Purchasing
Community Health Centers, Inc

In the insurance industry, especially in the mid-west, many things are handled by a handshake. People can make promises, but it is the integrity of the individual that counts. For that reason, I chose Larry and his company to work with. And that hunch paid off, we have been working together for over 15 years.

Laserfiche consulting client, JT miller

Dirk Miller
JT Miller Insurance Co

“Larry and Hemingway Solutions been amazing. I’d recommend them to anyone.n

If you are on the fence, I just say go for it, you will be glad you did.”

Laserfiche consulting customer Corrine Schmidt

Corrine Schmidt, Administrator

Northeast Residence


“They are a company you can be creative with. They work with us as if they are a part of our company.

The accounts payable workflow they created for us was comprehensive. and well done.

And it has worked for us for almost 10 years.


Thor Nelson
Aspen Waste Systems


“We were up and running on a workflow within a month. The workflow they created for us to mimic our paper flow, so it was easy for our staff to use.

By digitizing applications and automating the approval process with Laserfiche workflow, we have significantly improved crisis response time.

They did an amazing job working with our staff.”

Laserfiche Consulting client Catherine Fair Catherine Fair
Community Action Partnership Ramsey Washington


Larry and his Laserfiche team have helped us save hundreds of hours.

He helped us with the storage and retrieval of our as-builts.

I really appreciate everything they have helped me with over the past 10 years.


Laserfiche client Dick Crumb



“We are in a highly regulated industry, so it is important to have secure and quick access to our important documents. And Laserfiche does this very well for us.

…they are very great to work with, their rapport with our administration staff has really been a winning solution for us”

Laserfiche customer - David Arcand

David Arcand

New Horizon’s Kid Child Care and Academy


“We were very impressed with the amount of support we received from Larry and his team during our conversion that allowed us to make our implementation data.

Their experience with PeopleSoft in prior conversions meant they could give us all the help we needed to retrieve images from within PeopleSoft.”


laserfiche client Corrie Kuester

Corey Kuester

Star Tribune



Laserfiche consulting customer Laserfiche consulting client UFL

Laserfiche consulting client CAPRW Laserfiche consulting client United CAP Laserfiche consulting client CAP Kootasca Laserfiche consulting client CAP Scott Dakota



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