Laserfiche Workfow 8.3

Laserfiche has announceed that Workflow 8.3 is nearing release. This will be the most exciting release to date, I believe. It will have a multitude of new features and functionality to help you streamline your business processes.

Some features that are scheduled to be added to to Laserfiche Workflow are:
• More than 30 new activities, including activities that can interact with PDF forms, external databases and digital signatures.
• The ability to schedule starting rules that let you run your workflows on a timer without a starting event.
• A new Common Searches Pane that lets you quickly run pre-configured searches for workflow instances. Plus, workflow instances now display information about conditions, tokens and activities.
• Workflow Statistics Reports that let you see information about your workflows (like the average time it took for a workflow to run or how many workflow instances are currently running) in a table or a chart.
• A redesigned Workflow Designer that is more friendly and intuitive. For example, you can organize your workflows and starting rules in the Rule Manager with folders and a new search feature.
• A complete Integrated Development Environment to use with the scripting activities.
• An extensive Workflow Administration Console that lets you monitor and interact with your workflows. The Console also has a variety of advanced performance options to ensure that Workflow takes full advantage of your system’s resources.
Besides all the new features, we created a Workflow Migration Utility that lets you seamlessly convert your Workflow 8.0 starting rules and workflows to their Workflow 8.3 equivalents, without interrupting your current processes.