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  On way to a meeting today, here is what I saw out my window. Rain for the last several days has caused flooding in the St Louis area. click to read more about the floods in St Louis Missouri

Floods in Missouri

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  Picking a paperless solutions is a difficult endeavor for most people.  I found myself in that situation a number of years ago when a client hired me to find them a paperless solution.  I had no idea how to even start looking for a solution for them. What do […]

Picking a Paperless Solution – Don’t Leave It To Chance

Laserfiche Missouri tornado damage
Disaster strikes companies in Joplin MO. Was disaster recover plans good enough? What about paper documents?

Disaster strikes

Laserfiche tax audit
Several years ago, I got a letter that my business was going to have a random sales tax audit. When I shared the news with several of my friends that were also business owners, they laughed and predicted that the auditors would find all kinds of things that would cost […]

My friends laughed at me when they heard I was ...

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When I was in high school we not only had to read the poem Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. But, we were required to memorize portions of this huge poem. As a high school teen, poetry was not my favorite thing in fact, I hated it. […]

Rime of the Ancient Mariner

I was talking to a customer a while back and he proudly announced that he has never delete an email. I thought to myself that this is not something to be proud about. It is like saying I have never change oil in my car. A car needs maintenance and […]

Are you looking for ways to archive your email and ...

The 10 Disaster Planning Essentials for a Small Business Network A disaster can happen at any time on any day. It’s also likely to occur at the most inconvenient time. If you aren’t already prepared, you run the risk of having the disaster coming before you have in place a […]

The 10 Disaster Planning Essentials for a Small Business Network