Is email security important for Law Firms in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

email security and email encryption - law firms in Minneapolis Minnesota

If you work at a law firm, you know that you work with a lot of sensitive information for your clients. From time to time, I am sure, you have to email your clients. What do you do if you have sensitive information? Do you have a way of sending a email securely? Email security is not an option, it is necessary!

If you would like to discover how a law firm can send emails securely you should attend a webinar that we are having with ZixMail. They will be held:

Tuesday May 22nd from 9:30 to 10:30 am CST


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Please contact me and I will give you more details on the webinar.

Here is more information on ZixMail Encrypted Email:


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Securence Email Filter/Anti-SPAM

Securence Email Filter was
just selected the State of North Carolina as their email filter solution. With over 100 domains, over 100,000 users, and millions of emails each year. This choice was made very carefully. Securence was up against every major competitor and scored a 98 out of a 100, the second place finisher, among about a dozen, scored a 68! Securence dominated all the big players. Since the implementation, the users are reportedly love the fact that the many junk mail messages they used to get are gone. And IT loves it because their is little to no maintenance required.

Watchguard Firewall Review

Security Magazine reviews the Watchguard XTM 505 firewall. If you are looking for a firewall, Watchguard is one that I would recommend.
Solbrekk is one of the largest valued added resellers for Watchguard in Minneapolis Minnesota. We have been installing and servicing Watchguard firewalls for over seven years.

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Who needs to send secure email?

encrypted emailIf you are sending emails containing medical patient information, personal information such as social security numbers, and private company information; then you need to make sure that this information if kept secure.

I recommend that you look at ZixMail.  They have a network of over 20 millions members.
Zix Encrypted Email has a solution whether you need just a few users or have hundreds of users.

Organizations who need this are: Health Care Providers, Law Firms, CPA firms, and anyone who sends private information.

For details see: ZixMail Datasheet

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