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On Sunday, May 22nd – a massive tornado ripped through downtown Joplin, MO destroying 80% of the city. If a tornado hit your building, how easily could you recover from it? Would it be possible to quickly get to your applications and data if you office looked like the picture above? If you were using our cloud computing solution we call desktop hosting, you could quickly recover from a disaster such as this.

Tornado destroys building – does it destroy business?

C2C ArchiveOne® software is an excellent archiving solution that is extreemly simple for the user and extreemly flexible and powerful to handle the needs IT and compliance officers. It can handle the needs of large enterprise clients yet simple to understand and use for small to midsized businesses,” said Larry Phelps, director of sales and marketing, Solbrekk, Inc

C2C and Solbrekk partner to provide email archiving – Minneapolis ...

You may have heard a lot on new words and acronyms that you have not heard of before. Here are some examples: cloud computing, SAAS, software-as-a-service, desk top computing, application hosting and many more. Here is a good artilce that defines some of these new terms: yahoo mail recoveryWhat is […]

What in the world is cloud computing?