Top Technology Breakthroughs

CRN News recently published an article stating what they thought were the greatest technology breakthroughts in the past 25 years. Well, for many of you 25 years would take you back to your blackmart app childhood, but for others of us we have watched the crazy growth of technology and how it has impacted our lives.

If you were asked to list some of the technologies that really changed your life, what would the be?

Here is that CRN listed as the top 25:
1. Software As A Service – rather than purchasing software capability you rent it, such as Webex.
2. Realtime Collaboration/Communications – AOL Instant Messaging and text messaging are examples of this.
3. IPOD – Apple Computer’s device that allows mobile storage of audio and images.
4. Google – the search engine that gave new meaning to information overload. Watch for other technologies they are developing!
5. Blackberry – the phone, PDA and web browser in one device.
6. Linux/Open Source – a growing software movement that has Microsoft’s attention.
7. The Web Browser – made the internet accessible to the average user.
8. The Virus – has spawned a whole industry.
9. The Y2K Scare – design oversight, hype and distrust all characterize this event.
10. The PDA – hand held organization!
11. Wireless Communications – cell phones, wireless PDA and WIFI have invaded nearly every business and household.
12. E-Mail – this change the method of communications for most people in their business and personal life.
13. The Mouse – change the way we interact with computer applications.
14. The Internet – has changed business probably more than any technology listed here.
15. Ethernet – this invention is the conduit that allows most of the data communication that is happening today.
16. The Network Operating System – allows standalone PC’s to share resources.
17. The Office Suite – today the standard of office tools.
18. The Graphical User Interface – Windows changes the ease of use of computers forever.
19. The Modem – became the standard for many years to remotely connect computer systems.
20. The Laptop Computer – gave birth to what we call today, mobile users.
21. The Relational Database – capability once only existed on mainframe computers became common place.
22. The Word Processor – the most widely used application to date.
23. The Spreadsheet – one of the most powerful application we use.
24. The IBM PC – this product legitimized the personal computer industry.
25. The x86 CPU – Intel produced a legacy of products that have lasted nearly 30 years.

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