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We find that the reason many people have problems with their email server is that their user are using their email system as their filing cabinet. Seldom deleting emails, just in case they need them. This causes their server to fill up, affecting performance and sometimes causing the system to near is storage limits.  User are asked to delete their email or archive it.  PST files are created and are difficult to manage.  Can you relate to this?

    Here are some good reasons you should consider implementing a Email archival system:

  1. Server performance
  2. Server capacity
  3. Reduce IT workload
  4. Eliminate reliance on PST files 
  5. More efficient search and retrieval 
  6. Security 
  7. Compliance 
  8. Discovery 
  9. Disaster Recovery 
  10. End-user convenience 
  11. Manage retention policy 
  12. Employee productivity,a recent IDC study revealed that a company with 1,000 information workers can expect to lose more than $5 million in annual salary costs because of time spent on unproductive e-mail searches.  Reasons to Archive Email 

We have looked at many Email Archiving products and recommend C2C.  Here is some articles that I think you will find helpful.

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If you are interested in learning more about email archiving or would like to engage in a 30 day pilot project, please contact me.

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Minneapolis Minnesota