C2C Email Archiving – remote laptop access to archive

Here are some details on the capabilities of Offline Email Archiving for remote laptops. It is great to have your email archived on your server, but some users need access when they are not in the office or connected to the internet. C2C Archive One has this capability with an optional module. Hope it is helpful. Please let us know and we can demo these features for you.

Larry M Phelps
Solbrekk Inc,
Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Preparing for Offline Synchronizing
ArchiveOne Enterprise (Policy) can be configured so that a laptop (or any other type of PC) that
is sometimes online and sometimes offline to the network that the ArchiveOne Service is on can
maintain a copy of the archive of a mailbox, which can be used when they are offline.
This has the following requirements and features:
o The laptop must be running an OST copy of the server based mailbox.
o On a regular basis, the laptop must be connected to the network that the ArchiveOne Service
is on, in such a way that they have the same access permissions as a standard PC that is
permanently connected – it is not sufficient just to have a dial-up connection, unless that
gives the laptop fully authenticated access. Specifically, they need to be able to see server
shares on the network.
o It requires Outlook 2000 or later on the laptop, and the Laptop Client component installed.
o When offline, laptop users will be able to view messages by viewing the message links in
their mailbox (which will then view from the local copy of the archive) but they will not be
able to search the archive.
o When online, laptop users will behave like any other user, including searching the archive.
o Archiving is only performed on the server. The laptop contains a copy of the server based
archive of the mailbox, but it is never updated on the laptop. If the laptop is lost or stolen, a
new laptop can be configured and can easily be brought up to date with the latest copy of the
archive, with no loss of data (except for any mail that was not archived and not on the server
copy of the mailbox).
o Whereas most mailbox archive data can be stored either on a hard drive or a storage
manager, archive data for mailboxes that are being synchronized must be located on hard
drive. This means it is the administrator’s responsibility to ensure they are suitably backed
o If multiple users share the laptop or one user accesses multiple mailboxes, the Laptop Client
will keep local copies of the archives of all appropriate mailboxes up to date whenever it is
The architecture is as follows:
o The administrator enables a mailbox for offline synchronization.
o They then archive the mailbox.
o During regular intervals (which can be scheduled), the ArchiveOne Service updates an offline
repository that contains items just for this mailbox. This offline repository is temporary and
is not required for backup.
o The ArchiveOne Service shares this offline repository as a network accessible share (viewable
only to users who are allowed to search into the mailbox) if it is not already in a shared
o When the user logs into Outlook on the laptop, the Laptop Client software checks to see if the
user’s mailbox has an offline repository on the server.
o If so, it copies the offline repository data onto the laptop.
o It intercepts attempts to view message links in the mailbox, and if the laptop is currently
offline, it uses the local copy of the archive.