Crazy Busy Workers – Increasing Productivity

Overworked - no Laserfiche Document Management System

Overworked – no Laserfiche Document Management System

A study was done by the Delphi Group (copyright 2011), “The High Cost of Knowledge” has some important details that I think you will be interested in. In a survey of over 1000 office workers in mid to large size companies, they asked: “compare the amount of work you are doing today compared to 10 years ago.”

The answer to this question may surprise you. Only 11% reported they were doing the same amount of work as 10 years ago. Thirty-five percent said they are doing the work of two people. And 46% reported that they are doing the work of three or more people.

It was found that to cope with this workload and complex situations, over 48% of the worker survives by having over 10 windows open at any one time on their PC.

What these statistics tell me is that most organizations are understaffed and also have very ineffective systems that allow their user to easily access the information they need to get their jobs done. Users that are multi-tasking between 10 or more applications are probably more likely to be stressed, prone to making errors, and not likely to handle the work-load in the long term.

What is the solution? I think that automating business processes with workflow and integrating applications will help users and increasing productivity.

Automate Business Processes

We have automated many business processes for organizations over the years. Some examples of this would be Accounts Payable Automation – see: Accounts Payable Automation

Other examples of business processes that can be automated are:

  • Travel and Expense approvals
  • HR onboarding
  • PTO approvals
  • Energy Assistance approvals
  • Application for employment
  • Accounts Payable – Purchase Requisition
  • Accounts Payable – Purchase Order Process
  • Board Agenda Approval Process
  • Blood Drive Donor Registration
  • Bring Your Own Device Registration
  • Budget Approval Process
  • Building Inspection Approval Process
  • Building Maintenance Request
  • Building Permit Approval Process
  • Request For Office Supplies
  • Business License Application Approval Process
  • Renewal of Business License Process
  • Purchasing Change Order Process
  • Company Party Invitation Form
  • Company Vehicle Inspection
  • Reservation of Company Vehicle
  • Committee Minutes Approval Process
  • Contract Approval Process
  • Contract Management System
  • Temp Worker Onboarding
  • Class Add/Drop Request
  • Court Case File Compilation
  • Caseworker Weekly Report
  • Diploma Request Form
  • Employee Review Process
  • Employee Offboarding
  • Employee Referral
  • Employee Promotion Approval Process
  • Employee Termination Notification
  • Event Registration
  • Employee Exit Interview
  • Expense and Travel Reimbursement
  • Employee Position Requisition
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave Tracking
  • FERPA Authorization
  • Fire Inspection
  • Flu Shot Registration
  • Front Desk Visitor Sign-In Process
  • Graffiti Removal Request
  • Grant Approval and Management
  • Hardware Device Checkout
  • Insurance Benefits Enrollment
  • IT Helpdesk Request
  • Job Application
  • Job Requisition
  • Document Approval
  • Liquor License Application and Renewal Process
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Materials Request and Tracking
  • Network Access Request
  • AP Account Opening
  • New Contract Request
  • New Hire Onboarding Process
  • HR Offer Letter Process
  • Overtime Request Process
  • Personal Information Change Request
  • Dog License Application
  • Teacher Evaluation Process
  • Press Release Process
  • Public Information Request
  • Records Destruction Request
  • Repair Issue
  • RFQ Request for Quote
  • Accident – Safety Incident Report
  • Bullying Report
  • Aptitude Test
  • Service Request Process
  • Accident Report
  • Student Health Information
  • Student History and Information
  • Student Registration
  • Student Housing Questionnaire
  • Change Request
  • SNAP Application approval
  • Time tracking Process
  • Student Transcript Process
  • Shipping Request
  • Trip/Travel Request Process
  • Tuition Payment Process
  • PTO Vacation / Sick Leave Request
  • New Vendor Onboarding
  • Workers’ Comp Claim Process

I liked the conclusion that the Delphi Group ended their article with: “Ultimately our ability to provide knowledge workers with better tools with which to do their jobs will determine how quickly we can accelerate the growth and economic prosperity needed to create new innovations and new jobs – making this jobless recover and every future one as short as possible!”

The tools are available to make workers more efficient. In this past year, I have helped organizations implement Laserfiche Document Management and Workflow software. I have seen amazing increases in user productivity using this tool, Laserfiche.

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Laserfiche Quickfields Promotion

Laserfiche Quickfields scanning, Minneapolis MinnesotaNow through June 30, with the purchase of two or more users for your Avante system, use promotion code 2UFREEQFCPP to receive the following:

one free Laserfiche Quick Fields software (must pay for Quick Fields LSAP)
one free Capture II: Quick Fields CPP course
On May 3 and 5, at 10 am PST, join us for “Capture the Power of Your Information with Laserfiche Quick Fields,” a Webinar that highlights the benefits of Quick Fields, offers demonstrations and explains how to take advantage of this promotion. Click here to register.

Based on custom criteria, Laserfiche Quick Fields rapidly processes high volumes of data from various formats. By automating capture and indexing with production-level tools that take precise pieces of information—from both paper and electronic documents—Quick Fields turns unstructured information into usable content. Quick Fields simplifies repetitive processes with capture enhancement tools including OmniPage OCR, Zoom Fields, Image Enhancements and Page Removal.

Laserfiche Quickfields Brochure (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Laserfiche Quickfields customer success stories:

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Canon 5010 Tip – Roller Replacement Message

Laserfiche users may see Canon 5010C roller replacement message, Minneapolis MinnesotaThe Canon 5010 scanner’s pickup, feed and retart rollers are consumables. They should be replaced when 250,000 sheets are scanned. The good news is that these rollers are inexpensive and can be replaced by the user.

You should see a Window’s roller replacement warning message when the computer is started.

After you replace the rollers, the counter must be reset.

Here are the simple instructions to reset the counter:

Select – “Start”
Control Panel
Scanners and Cameras
Highlight the scanner.
Right Click and select Properties
and then click the “reset” button for the counter.

IDC Reviews Laserfiche

Recently, IDC published a vendor profile on Laserfiche. IDC’s research manager, Michael Orasin, provides an in-depth report of Laserfiche and its management team, products, and it’s future.
IDC’s report states, “Laserfiche is in an enviable position. It provides a robust ECM offering in a simple yet elegant way. Both its end-user functionality and its administrative capabilities can help organizations address the majority of their document and records management issues effectively and within a shorter time frame than other large enterprise content management providers.”
IDC Laserfiche Overview

IDC’s report is very insightful and gives a good picture of capability of Laserfiche, the best electronic document management software on the market today.

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, Minnesota

PeopleSoft Laserfiche Integration Project – Star Tribune

PeopleSoft Laserfiche Integration project resulted in Solbrekk (now call Hemingway Solutions) to Reach Winners Circle Status

Minneapolis, Minnesota (Solbrekk) – October 14, 2009 — Solbrekk announced today that the business technology solutions provider has reached Laserfiche “Winners Circle” status for the second time. This means that Solbrekk will be recognized in January 2010 at a special event for accomplished value-added resellers.
“This year, customers have been careful to select a reliable, cost-effective solution that creates efficiency, and adds value to their organization, “says Larry Phelps, Solbrekk’s vice president of sales. “Laserfiche has been a great fit because their enterprise content management software suite is open, easy to integrate, loaded with functionality and easy to use, reducing the complexities for IT staff and end-users, and frankly, this is exactly what our customers want.”

As a case in point, Phelps points to Solbrekk’s work for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, one of the largest newspapers in the United States. “It was a very challenging project,” Phelps explained that the company needed to replace a legacy imaging system and migrate massive databases from shared servers.

“As part of that task, Chad Brinkman, our senior network and integration engineer, deciphered their existing integrations and workflows and then implemented them in the new systems. All told, he integrated Laserfiche successfully with PeopleSoft®, RightFax® and Oracle® applications,” said Phelps. “These integrations will help the Star Tribune streamline key processes in accounts payable, human resources, travel and contracts. This project is a great example of how Laserfiche serves as a versatile and flexible foundation for enterprise solutions.”

Solbrekk’s other recent successes include Laserfiche deployments for I.C. System and the City of Shoreview, Minnesota. Looking ahead, Solbrekk plans to focus on delivering solutions to clients in the medical, local government and manufacturing fields, as well as developing enterprise-wide solutions for corporations of all sizes.
Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota, Solbrekk, Inc., was formed in 2003 to bring together the combined knowledge and experience of four complementary businesses that had each been in business for a dozen years or more. The group included Software Tailors, Inc., Phelps’ former company, which had been a Laserfiche VAR since 1995. With 20 certified network engineers on staff, Solbrekk has quickly become one of the largest computer service companies in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Larry Phelps and Chad Brinkman lead the company’s electronic document management solutions team.

About Laserfiche
Laserfiche® creates simple and elegant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that help organizations run smarter. Since 1987, more than 27,000 organizations worldwide—including healthcare organizations, government agencies, and Fortune 1000 companies—have used Laserfiche software to streamline document, records and business process management.

The Laserfiche ECM system is designed to give IT managers central control over their information infrastructure, including standards, security, and auditing while offering business units the flexibility to respond quickly to changing conditions. The Laserfiche product suite is built upon Microsoft® technologies to simplify system administration, supports Microsoft SQL and Oracle® platforms and features seamless integration with Microsoft Office® applications and two-way integration with SharePoint®.

Laserfiche distributes its software through a worldwide network of value-added resellers (VARs), who tailor solutions to clients’ individual needs. The Laserfiche VAR program has received the Five-Star rating from Computer Reseller News/VARBusiness magazine.
Laserfiche is a registered trademark of Compulink Management Center, Inc.

Great News, a New Version of Laserfiche Has Been Released

Laserfiche 8.2 is now shipping and available for free upgrade for clients with current support contract (LSAP). It includes a new Server, Client and Web Access. This is a major release and contains numerous new features, fixes, and significant performance enhancements. Please note that you cannot upgrade just the client, both the server and the client must be 8.2.

Laserfiche Server, Client and Web Access 8.2 Enhancements Include:
1. Laserfiche Snapshot is a full driver update which allows users to save their favorite settings to Snapshot printing profiles.
2. Laserfiche Scanning now supports Windows Image Acquisition (WIA), a new standard for scanner drivers.
3. Dynamic fields allow only relevant field information to be displayed based on values selected in other fields. For example, if the Document Type field is set to “correspondence” then fields that are related to correspondence would be displayed such as creation date, author, and subject.
4. New PDF support features, PDFs can now have image and text pages generated natively by Laserfiche, either at time of import or once the PDF is in the repository. In addition, annotation conversion support is available for both import and export, and PDFs can be exported in the archival PDF/A format.
5. Stamps can be created from a text string rather than just from an image. The text string supports tokens, allowing for dynamic date, count, and user stamps.
6. Search enhancements allow users to refine a set of search results to quickly locate the documents they are searching for. Laserfiche search now also supports the ability to find related words in full-text searches, and allows you to specify multiple folders for search filtering.
7. Laserfiche Records Management Edition now is DOD 5015.2 revision 3 certificated.
8. Laserfiche 8 has improved Office Integration. The Office Plug-in has been updated to more tightly integrate Laserfiche and Microsoft Office. It streamlined Save to Laserfiche process, the ability to view Laserfiche metadata from within Office applications, the ability to directly attach Laserfiche documents to an e-mail from within Microsoft Outlook, and full support of Office 2010.
9. Optional watermarks allow users to choose to print watermarks on documents that are not already watermarked, allowing a user to easily add a note (such as “draft” or “do not copy”) to a printed or exported document.
10. Custom field formats: Laserfiche now supports customized display of number, date and time fields. This allows you to display a number field as currency, for instance, or to customize the way date information is displayed.
11. Editable encrypted and compressed volumes, any Laserfiche volume now can be encryption and compression.
12. Time-based volume rollover allows volumes to be configured to roll over and create a new volume based on a time schedule or when they reach a particular size.
13. The User and Admin Help Guides are now available online in their most up-to-date form.
14. Laserfiche Web Access includes support for all new Laserfiche 8.2 Client and Server features, as well as performance enhancements and support for distributed installation.
15. Laserfiche 8.2 now includes improved troubleshooting support. It includes several new troubleshooting tools, including improved error message and trace handling and a tool for gathering troubleshooting information about your Laserfiche installation.

Larry Phelps
Solbrekk, Minneapolis Minnesota