DIY Paperless Solution For CAP Agencies

CAP go paperlessI have talked to several IT staff from community action agencies who have set up their own paperless solution for their CAP agency.  They scan their important documents as PDF’s and store them on their server.


This sounds like a good – cheap way to handle their documents but there is one thing they didn’t realize.  They have just made their documents susceptible to being compromised.

These documents can easily be destroyed by hackers.  If this sounds far-fetched or you think it can’t happen to you – then you need to read this.

Going paperless must benefit you

what benefit for me going paperlessIf you are looking at paperless solutions, it is sometimes frustrating because vendors often talk about all the cool features they have.  But, you don’t care – you are more interested in what are the benefits to me and my organization.


I was able to talk to a number of Laserfiche users and asked them what the benefits of going paperless were for them.  You can read the article here.

Is improving your staff productivity important to you?



going paperless on your radar

Do you know that the biggest killer of productivity is paper and paper processes?

There have been a number of research organizations that have done studies on office worker productivity and you might be surprised by the results.



Picking a Paperless Solution – Don’t Leave It To Chance

picking a paperless solutions i

Picking a paperless solution? Don’t leave it to chance…


Picking a paperless solutions is a difficult endeavor for most people.  I found myself in that situation a number of years ago when a client hired me to find them a paperless solution.  I had no idea how to even start looking for a solution for them.

What do I do call sales reps for various paperless products?

Find a friend that has a solution and adopt it?

Find a article in a magazine that reviews a product?

Or just leave it to chance that I will run across the right product?

None of these sounded like a good approach to finding a paperless solution.

Click on the link below to see how I came up with a 10 step process to find a paperless solution.  And guess what it work!  And it will work for you too.


How to pick a paperless solution