Changing default font save $100k – but misses the point!

The University of Wisconsin recently made a simple change to their email system that saved them thousands of dollars. They changed the default font on their email system to Century Gothic, which uses about 30% less ink than Arial.

Everyone was amazed that a simple change like this can save so much money. And they were very proud that they found this easy change that saved thousands of dollars. But, I think they all are missing the point! No one was asking the right question. Why are they printing all these emails?

I hope you are asking the right questions in your organization. And that you are looking at paperless technology to reduce the amount of paper used and greatly increase productivity in your office.

If you are interested in looking at paperless technology. I would be happy to show you how Laserfiche electronic document management software could help you move toward a paperless office.

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dr Thomas Keane Honored

Esthesia Oral Surgery Care, Dr Thomas Keane Solbrekk Customer

I was not at all surprised when I heard that Dr. Keane was selected as one of the top local, small business leaders.  To see the details of the award, click here.

Dr Keane has been a computer network and Laserfiche client of mine for over 10 years.  It has been great to work with him as he has grown his practice.  He is a great doctor, business owner, employer, and a great family man.  I want to congratulate Dr Keane; he truly deserves this award.

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Solbrekk, Inc

Laserfiche Medical Records

Economical, Environmental, Efficient

Did you know that:

■ The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year.
■ The United States alone, which has less than 5% of the world’s population, consumes 30% of the world’s paper.
■ Over 40% of wood pulp goes toward the production of paper.
■ Printing and writing paper equals about one-half of U.S. paper production.
■ The costs of using paper in the office can run 13 to 31 times the cost of purchasing the paper in the first place

Here is a great video that reminds us how important paper-less technology can be:

Minnesota Polution Control Agency – The E’s of Office Paper Reduction