Crazy Busy Workers – Increasing Productivity

Overworked - no Laserfiche Document Management System

Overworked – no Laserfiche Document Management System

A study was done by the Delphi Group (copyright 2011), “The High Cost of Knowledge” has some important details that I think you will be interested in. In a survey of over 1000 office workers in mid to large size companies, they asked: “compare the amount of work you are doing today compared to 10 years ago.”

The answer to this question may surprise you. Only 11% reported they were doing the same amount of work as 10 years ago. Thirty-five percent said they are doing the work of two people. And 46% reported that they are doing the work of three or more people.

It was found that to cope with this workload and complex situations, over 48% of the worker survives by having over 10 windows open at any one time on their PC.

What these statistics tell me is that most organizations are understaffed and also have very ineffective systems that allow their user to easily access the information they need to get their jobs done. Users that are multi-tasking between 10 or more applications are probably more likely to be stressed, prone to making errors, and not likely to handle the work-load in the long term.

What is the solution? I think that automating business processes with workflow and integrating applications will help users and increasing productivity.

Automate Business Processes

We have automated many business processes for organizations over the years. Some examples of this would be Accounts Payable Automation – see: Accounts Payable Automation

Other examples of business processes that can be automated are:

  • Travel and Expense approvals
  • HR onboarding
  • PTO approvals
  • Energy Assistance approvals
  • Application for employment
  • Accounts Payable – Purchase Requisition
  • Accounts Payable – Purchase Order Process
  • Board Agenda Approval Process
  • Blood Drive Donor Registration
  • Bring Your Own Device Registration
  • Budget Approval Process
  • Building Inspection Approval Process
  • Building Maintenance Request
  • Building Permit Approval Process
  • Request For Office Supplies
  • Business License Application Approval Process
  • Renewal of Business License Process
  • Purchasing Change Order Process
  • Company Party Invitation Form
  • Company Vehicle Inspection
  • Reservation of Company Vehicle
  • Committee Minutes Approval Process
  • Contract Approval Process
  • Contract Management System
  • Temp Worker Onboarding
  • Class Add/Drop Request
  • Court Case File Compilation
  • Caseworker Weekly Report
  • Diploma Request Form
  • Employee Review Process
  • Employee Offboarding
  • Employee Referral
  • Employee Promotion Approval Process
  • Employee Termination Notification
  • Event Registration
  • Employee Exit Interview
  • Expense and Travel Reimbursement
  • Employee Position Requisition
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave Tracking
  • FERPA Authorization
  • Fire Inspection
  • Flu Shot Registration
  • Front Desk Visitor Sign-In Process
  • Graffiti Removal Request
  • Grant Approval and Management
  • Hardware Device Checkout
  • Insurance Benefits Enrollment
  • IT Helpdesk Request
  • Job Application
  • Job Requisition
  • Document Approval
  • Liquor License Application and Renewal Process
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Materials Request and Tracking
  • Network Access Request
  • AP Account Opening
  • New Contract Request
  • New Hire Onboarding Process
  • HR Offer Letter Process
  • Overtime Request Process
  • Personal Information Change Request
  • Dog License Application
  • Teacher Evaluation Process
  • Press Release Process
  • Public Information Request
  • Records Destruction Request
  • Repair Issue
  • RFQ Request for Quote
  • Accident – Safety Incident Report
  • Bullying Report
  • Aptitude Test
  • Service Request Process
  • Accident Report
  • Student Health Information
  • Student History and Information
  • Student Registration
  • Student Housing Questionnaire
  • Change Request
  • SNAP Application approval
  • Time tracking Process
  • Student Transcript Process
  • Shipping Request
  • Trip/Travel Request Process
  • Tuition Payment Process
  • PTO Vacation / Sick Leave Request
  • New Vendor Onboarding
  • Workers’ Comp Claim Process

I liked the conclusion that the Delphi Group ended their article with: “Ultimately our ability to provide knowledge workers with better tools with which to do their jobs will determine how quickly we can accelerate the growth and economic prosperity needed to create new innovations and new jobs – making this jobless recover and every future one as short as possible!”

The tools are available to make workers more efficient. In this past year, I have helped organizations implement Laserfiche Document Management and Workflow software. I have seen amazing increases in user productivity using this tool, Laserfiche.

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C2C and Solbrekk partner to provide email archiving – Minneapolis Minnesota

C2C, a leading provider of email, file and messaging management solutions, today announced it has signed Solbrekk, Inc., based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to supply email archiving, e-Discovery, and compliance solutions.

“C2C ArchiveOne® software is an excellent archiving solution that is extreemly simple for the user and extreemly flexible and powerful to handle the needs IT and compliance officers. It can handle the needs of large enterprise clients yet simple to understand and use for small to midsized businesses,” said Larry Phelps, director of sales and marketing, Solbrekk, Inc. “C2C’s eDiscovery and retention management for live, PST and archived data is unique among email archiving products.”

“Email and file volumes grow dramatically in some of the industries Solbekk serves, such as insurance and legal services, so our ArchiveOne platform will be welcomed by their customers as a way to tame and control runaway storage costs while also delivering regulatory compliance for retained and archived data,” said Dave Hunt, CEO at C2C.

C2C’s ArchiveOne solutions are simple yet sophisticated tools that are field-proven to help organizations with archiving, retention and eDiscovery of email and files, compliance management, intellectual property containment and storage management tools. ArchiveOne employs Zero-Training User DesignTM and is completely transparent, installing in about one hour. ArchiveOne for email provides secure access to archived emails through iPhone or download lucky patcher apk BlackBerry devices and through web and web service technologies for offsite workers. Sophisticated features include the ability to search and take action on data before it is archived, which provides assurance against “data fingerprints” being stored in the index, reduces capacity needs, speeds backups, and optimizes TCO. Advanced PST management allows administrators to discover, search, delete or consolidate PST files across the organization and integrated Bates Stamping streamlines the e-discovery process. ArchiveOne is not dependent on SQL databases, so it offers best-in-class flexibility and scalability, as well as reducing risk and improving system usage. A live online demonstration, references from ArchiveOne users, and a 30-day trial are available.

About C2C
C2C Systems has earned the trust of its four million software users since 1992 by consistently delivering high-value, dependable core messaging system enhancements. Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint®, and Windows® File Server together with IBM® Lotus® Domino® form the heart of our commercial and governmental customers’ businesses worldwide. C2C’s ArchiveOne® product family is the trusted choice for their email and file archiving, e-discovery, compliance management, legal forensics and storage management tools to enhance these platforms.

Changing default font save $100k – but misses the point!

The University of Wisconsin recently made a simple change to their email system that saved them thousands of dollars. They changed the default font on their email system to Century Gothic, which uses about 30% less ink than Arial.

Everyone was amazed that a simple change like this can save so much money. And they were very proud that they found this easy change that saved thousands of dollars. But, I think they all are missing the point! No one was asking the right question. Why are they printing all these emails?

I hope you are asking the right questions in your organization. And that you are looking at paperless technology to reduce the amount of paper used and greatly increase productivity in your office.

If you are interested in looking at paperless technology. I would be happy to show you how Laserfiche electronic document management software could help you move toward a paperless office.

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, Minnesota