Email Archiving

email security and email encryption - law firms in Minneapolis Minnesota
If you work at a law firm, you know that you work with a lot of sensitive information for your clients. From time to time, I am sure, you have to email your clients. What do you do if you have sensitive information? Do you have a way of sending […]

Is email security important for Law Firms in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

We just recently upgraded a network where users had mail boxes over 10 GB. If your users are in the same boat and will not delete items, then you may want to look at purchasing a email archive product. One that I recommend is C2C. Here is some info on […]

C2C Email Archive One new release

C2C ArchiveOne® software is an excellent archiving solution that is extreemly simple for the user and extreemly flexible and powerful to handle the needs IT and compliance officers. It can handle the needs of large enterprise clients yet simple to understand and use for small to midsized businesses,” said Larry Phelps, director of sales and marketing, Solbrekk, Inc

C2C and Solbrekk partner to provide email archiving – Minneapolis ...

Email archiving is fairly easy concept to understand, but how it is accomplished using the underlying technologies is not as easy to grasp. These technologies include; MAPI, Exchange Web Services, Transaction Log Parsing, and Single Instance Storage. Most product demonstrations typically spend time explaining the benefits of their products as […]

Email Archiving – Which Method is Best?