Laserfiche Consulting Projects Review for 2023

Laserfiche consulting

2023 has been a busy year for Hemingway Solutions. There have been three things that have kept us busy in our Laserfiche consulting business, migrating massive amounts of documents, AI,. and BI.



This year we have three large Laserfiche clients ask us to help them migrate documents from other application and upgrade there systems.

We helped a public utility migrate over 15,000,000 documents from third party apps to Laserfiche.

And a insurance company had us bring in over 20,000,000 documents from their clients ecm system.

A community college ask us to upgrade there Laserfiche enterprise content management system from version 10.4 to 11. This included migrating over 30,000,000 documents, 500 workflows and 180 Laserfiche Forms processes.

AI (artificial intelligence)

Another big part of our year was spent developing a Ai OCR data capture solutons.

You may not be surprised to hear we are doing AI work, it is about all the tech media has talked about this past year. With ChatGPT being the biggest topic.

But, we have been working with AI and machine learning for a couple of years and trying to see what applications will help our clients become more efficient. 

We developed a data capture solution that we will be using to help a public utility capture data from as-builts. These as-builts are manual drawing of where utilities are install in a property. And on the drawing, installers have a sketch of the property and the street ajoining the property.

Our solution, reads the handwritten address, service ticket number, and cross streets and compares it to the work order. To validate that the information is accurate. And eliminates manual data entry.

The public utility has told us that this solution will save them over $100,000 this next year.

Another feature of our AI OCR data capture solution is capturing data off of invoices. With our solution, we can capture all of the important data from an invoice such as vendor name, vendor number, invoice date, due date, invoice total, etc. 

And we then can use Laserfiche Forms and Workflow to automate the invoice approval process and push the data into the erp system and eliminate most of the data entry. 

BI (business intelligence)

Another thing that has kept us busy in our Laserfiche consulting business is business intelligence and reporting. We have created many dashboards from data stored in Laserfiche to help our client manage their business.

Several of our Community Action Agencies has us build a dashboard for their energy assistance department to track productivity of their staff and help eliminate any bottlenecks in their application approval process.

Here is an example dashboard.

Laserfiche BI dashboard