Picking a Paperless Solution – Don’t Leave It To Chance

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Picking a paperless solution? Don’t leave it to chance…


Picking a paperless solutions is a difficult endeavor for most people.  I found myself in that situation a number of years ago when a client hired me to find them a paperless solution.  I had no idea how to even start looking for a solution for them.

What do I do call sales reps for various paperless products?

Find a friend that has a solution and adopt it?

Find a article in a magazine that reviews a product?

Or just leave it to chance that I will run across the right product?

None of these sounded like a good approach to finding a paperless solution.

Click on the link below to see how I came up with a 10 step process to find a paperless solution.  And guess what it work!  And it will work for you too.


How to pick a paperless solution