In December, 2007, J.T. Miller Company, a local insurance provider for businesses and lenders, began its move toward a paperless business model. For the 85-year-old company, this was a big change that involved hundreds of thousands of documents – 10 lateral and 21 vertical 4-drawer filing cabinets full.

It was J.T. Miller Company’s upcoming move that provided the catalyst for change. While the files had always been a source of wasted space and time, a change of locale created added potential for losing track of important customer information. The company decided to make a change.

Based on the recommendation of their long-time IT provider, Solbrekk, J.T. Miller Company decided to adopt Laserfiche document management (www.Laserfiche.com). “We looked at a few other [options], but it came down to…the flexibility of the Laserfiche system and our trust in Solbrekk’s recommendation,” Daniel Miller, Vice President of J.T. Miller Company said. “We were looking for a solution to basically replace our file cabinets. It’s worked very well for that.”

Laserfiche provides digital document management solutions that allow organizations to cut down on paper waste and increase productivity. “Laserfiche is a very robust document imaging system,” Miller commented. Yet in spite of the comprehensive capabilities, Miller and his team found it extremely accessible. “It makes it easy to get the information out to others,” he said. “And…we’re able to protect the information however we want.” So far, they’ve reduced their paper files by more than half.

The Laserfiche solution was installed by Solbrekk (www.Solbrekk.com), a leading IT provider. Solbrekk has over 13 years experience with Laserfiche installation, training, and integration. When paired with Solbrekk’s Cloud Computing services, Laserfiche provides increased peace of mind for businesses of all sizes and ages.