Does Laserfiche Document Management SW work on tablets?

Yes, Laserfiche states it works on all tablets. So, I just had to see for my self. We tested access to Laserfiche WebAccess on several Android Tablets and it works great. A user has full user access via Laserfiche Webaccess, so they can do most of the functions a user on a PC can do. I had one of my engineers actually test it on a HP WebOs based tablet and it works. Here are some screen shots of WebAccess on an Android Tablet:
Laserfiche works on a tablet - Minneapolis Minnesota

In addition to Tablets, Laserfiche has a free App for Iphone:

IPhone users can have most the same capabilities as a user on a laptop. Here is Laserfiche’s description of the product: Laserfiche Mobile™ combines the flexibility of mobile access with the security and manageability of a DoD 5015.2-STD-certified ECM solution. By providing secure mobile access to the Laserfiche ECM system, Laserfiche Mobile to access Laserfiche and participate in workflows – without the inconvenience of carrying a laptop. For more details:
Laserfiche Mobile – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Laserfiche Mobile Free Download Info

To see Laserfiche Mobile App in action, click on this link.

Apple Ipad Application:
Currently Laserfiche is developing and about to release a Laserfiche App for the Apple IPad. This will enhance the capabilities of Webaccess. It is schedule to release early 2012.

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