Laserfiche Quickfields Saves County A Lots of Time

A County uses Laserfiche Quick Fields to process 95% of incoming forms in its Property Transfers Division and save a lot of time.
Here is their advice on best-practices for using Laserfiche and Quickfields:
1. Avoid inputting information from the same document at the same time.
2. Use best practices and practical needs to manage metadata.
3. How the Property Transfers Division configured their template.
4. 67 database fields shared across 26 document templates.
5. “People love stamps here.”
6. Processing ‘Claims for Reassessment Exclusion’ forms.
7. Extracting data from the form.
8. Create templates first to help determine fields.
9. How tokens use fields to name documents.
10. Include the document type in its name for future associated use.
11. Can’t find something? Check the folder path.
12. Use Zone OCR to extract data from a specific area of a document.
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