Six Humorous Reasons to Go Paperless

no paperless solution here in Minneapolis Minnesota1. Look at the nearest calendar…See what year it is?
That’s right. It’s 2014. There are all kinds of old science fiction movies that predicted we’d be tooling around in flying cars by now. They may have overshot a bit, but the fact remains that technology had improved leaps and bounds. So much so that there really isn’t a good reason not to be paperless.

paperless in minneapols2. Paper cuts become a distant (and unpleasant) memory.
Seriously, have you ever had a paper cut? Pure torture. I’ve heard that the
CIA uses paper cuts to get terrorists to talk. I know I’d be singing like a
bird as soon as they got near me with a sheet of paper.

3. “Now where did I put that receipt?”
How many times have you searched through your filing cabinets for one receipt,
only to find it stuck to the bottom of your keyboard? In a paperless system
you could run a quick search and spend that wasted hour doing something
productive…Like checking Facebook.

4. Your office will probably be less likely to go up in flames.
You know all of those filing cabinets that are crammed full of papers?
How about all of hose cardboard banker’s boxes (also full of papers)
that are shoved into a utility closet? Have you heard the term
“fire hazard”? All it takes is one nimrod employee’s carelessness and
suddenly you’re up close and personal with the local fire department.

5. You need more space.

There’s an entire TV show devoted to people that keep useless stuff
around to the point of having no more room. Piles and piles of junk
piled into precariously tall towers that promise to come crashing down
upon your head at any moment. It’s called hoarding, and that’s basically
what you’re doing with all of those files. When was the last time you
actually used anything in that dungeon of a file room, anyway? Digitally
back it up, have a company bonfire with all of that paperwork, and then
use that space for something better…Like a foosball table.

paperless Minneapolis minnesota6. No more printers.

Have you ever tried to change the toner cartridge in a printer? I don’t care how technologically savvy you are, it’s no fun. Sure, the instructions are right there in front of you but they might as well be written in Chinese. I’ve seen simpler directions come with a desk from Ikea. Of course, you’re also going to end up covered in
printer ink, so have fun spending the rest of the day looking like a Kindergartener that got a little too excited with the finger paints.

I hope these allegedly humorous reasons helped you think about why you
need to look at going paperless in your office. But, if you are sure
that these reasons weren’t that humorous or helpful. I would love it if
you can send me an humorous reason to go paperless.