In December, 2007, J.T. Miller Company, a local insurance provider for businesses and lenders, began its move toward a paperless business model. For the 85-year-old company, this was a big change that involved hundreds of thousands of documents – 10 lateral and 21 vertical 4-drawer filing cabinets full.

It was J.T. Miller Company’s upcoming move that provided the catalyst for change. While the files had always been a source of wasted space and time, a change of locale created added potential for losing track of important customer information. The company decided to make a change.

Based on the recommendation of their long-time IT provider, Solbrekk, J.T. Miller Company decided to adopt Laserfiche document management (www.Laserfiche.com). “We looked at a few other [options], but it came down to…the flexibility of the Laserfiche system and our trust in Solbrekk’s recommendation,” Daniel Miller, Vice President of J.T. Miller Company said. “We were looking for a solution to basically replace our file cabinets. It’s worked very well for that.”

Laserfiche provides digital document management solutions that allow organizations to cut down on paper waste and increase productivity. “Laserfiche is a very robust document imaging system,” Miller commented. Yet in spite of the comprehensive capabilities, Miller and his team found it extremely accessible. “It makes it easy to get the information out to others,” he said. “And…we’re able to protect the information however we want.” So far, they’ve reduced their paper files by more than half.

The Laserfiche solution was installed by Solbrekk (www.Solbrekk.com), a leading IT provider. Solbrekk has over 13 years experience with Laserfiche installation, training, and integration. When paired with Solbrekk’s Cloud Computing services, Laserfiche provides increased peace of mind for businesses of all sizes and ages.

Question PDF or TIFF?

IS PDF good document mangement ideaI was recently talking to a person who has been in the electronic document imaging/management field for many years. He said that one of his customers was convinced that PDF’s were a good way to store their important documents long term.

He said “that I heard a ‘Expert’ speak recently and he inferred that with the proliferation of PDF creation software by MANY vendors that the validity of the PDF format has been degraded for long term storage and potential inclusion into an IMS/EDMS…”. This is a good point, will a PDF document that has been stored outside of a managed document management system be admissible in court as a legal document? I think that they will not because of the potential of alteration.

Here was my response to the question “are PDF’s a good format for long term document storage?”:

“Have your client do a few Google searches and they will know the answer.

Examples (using the “‘s as show below will search of the exact occurance of these words):
“corrupt PDF” – 377,000 results
“corrupt TIFF” – 4,620

“can’t open PDF” 1,230,000
“can’t open TIFF” 16,4000

“pdf virus” 69,900
“TIFF virus” 299

“PDF error” 299,000
“TIFF error” 8,300

I think the facts speak for themselves.”

If you are storing your important documents as PFF’s on your network (no using a document management system such as Laserfiche) I think you will find out sometime in the future that these documents are really of no value.

scanning and storing pdf’s can be a dangerous practice


Beware of PDF attachments

Laserfiche Quickfields Saves County A Lots of Time

A County uses Laserfiche Quick Fields to process 95% of incoming forms in its Property Transfers Division and save a lot of time.
Here is their advice on best-practices for using Laserfiche and Quickfields:
1. Avoid inputting information from the same document at the same time.
2. Use best practices and practical needs to manage metadata.
3. How the Property Transfers Division configured their template.
4. 67 database fields shared across 26 document templates.
5. “People love stamps here.”
6. Processing ‘Claims for Reassessment Exclusion’ forms.
7. Extracting data from the form.
8. Create templates first to help determine fields.
9. How tokens use fields to name documents.
10. Include the document type in its name for future associated use.
11. Can’t find something? Check the folder path.
12. Use Zone OCR to extract data from a specific area of a document.
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Would you like to reduce your paper clutter and become more efficient?

No Laserfiche Workflow Minneapolis Minnesota

You are invited to attend a free webinar on Laserfiche workflow. You will learn how your current business processes can be automated. This reduces paper clutter, ensures that your business processes are followed, simplifies new employee training, and reduces labor and time.

Laserfiche workflow is ideal for automating such task as:

· Accounts payable approvals,

· Energy Assistance application routing and approval,

· Contract administration,

· On-boarding (hiring process),

· Job routing in a manufacturing job shop,

· Agenda item approval ,

· And, any business process that requires routing of paper documents.


When:      Thursday, July 14 at 9 a.m.

Where:      Your office via internet connection

Who:      This webinar is non-technical. It is beneficial for someone with no experience or no knowledge of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) or for current EDMS (or Laserfiche) users.

To register, send an email to [email protected] or call Cecille at 763-404-4736.

Budget Cuts No Excuse

Document Management, budget cut - Minneapolis MinnesotaAre you facing budget cuts?  Are your customers expecting better and faster service?  Is your paper work bogging you down?

This is just what the Fresno County’s Assessor-Recorder’s Office’s was experiencing.  But, by leveraging Laserfiche Document Management software capability, they were able to:

  • Reduce processing time for changes of ownerships from 15 days to 48 hours.
  • Reduce manual statement processing by 20%.
  • Increase citizen services while facing budget cuts, consolidation and attrition that reduced staff from over 200 to 149.
  • Become more agile and responsive to both citizen requests and state mandates.

This article tells how they were able to achieve this. Laserfiche Quickfields works budget miracles

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Crazy Busy Workers – Increasing Productivity

Overworked - no Laserfiche Document Management System

Overworked – no Laserfiche Document Management System

A study was done by the Delphi Group (copyright 2011), “The High Cost of Knowledge” has some important details that I think you will be interested in. In a survey of over 1000 office workers in mid to large size companies, they asked: “compare the amount of work you are doing today compared to 10 years ago.”

The answer to this question may surprise you. Only 11% reported they were doing the same amount of work as 10 years ago. Thirty-five percent said they are doing the work of two people. And 46% reported that they are doing the work of three or more people.

It was found that to cope with this workload and complex situations, over 48% of the worker survives by having over 10 windows open at any one time on their PC.

What these statistics tell me is that most organizations are understaffed and also have very ineffective systems that allow their user to easily access the information they need to get their jobs done. Users that are multi-tasking between 10 or more applications are probably more likely to be stressed, prone to making errors, and not likely to handle the work-load in the long term.

What is the solution? I think that automating business processes with workflow and integrating applications will help users and increasing productivity.

Automate Business Processes

We have automated many business processes for organizations over the years. Some examples of this would be Accounts Payable Automation – see: Accounts Payable Automation

Other examples of business processes that can be automated are:

  • Travel and Expense approvals
  • HR onboarding
  • PTO approvals
  • Energy Assistance approvals
  • Application for employment
  • Accounts Payable – Purchase Requisition
  • Accounts Payable – Purchase Order Process
  • Board Agenda Approval Process
  • Blood Drive Donor Registration
  • Bring Your Own Device Registration
  • Budget Approval Process
  • Building Inspection Approval Process
  • Building Maintenance Request
  • Building Permit Approval Process
  • Request For Office Supplies
  • Business License Application Approval Process
  • Renewal of Business License Process
  • Purchasing Change Order Process
  • Company Party Invitation Form
  • Company Vehicle Inspection
  • Reservation of Company Vehicle
  • Committee Minutes Approval Process
  • Contract Approval Process
  • Contract Management System
  • Temp Worker Onboarding
  • Class Add/Drop Request
  • Court Case File Compilation
  • Caseworker Weekly Report
  • Diploma Request Form
  • Employee Review Process
  • Employee Offboarding
  • Employee Referral
  • Employee Promotion Approval Process
  • Employee Termination Notification
  • Event Registration
  • Employee Exit Interview
  • Expense and Travel Reimbursement
  • Employee Position Requisition
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Leave Tracking
  • FERPA Authorization
  • Fire Inspection
  • Flu Shot Registration
  • Front Desk Visitor Sign-In Process
  • Graffiti Removal Request
  • Grant Approval and Management
  • Hardware Device Checkout
  • Insurance Benefits Enrollment
  • IT Helpdesk Request
  • Job Application
  • Job Requisition
  • Document Approval
  • Liquor License Application and Renewal Process
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Materials Request and Tracking
  • Network Access Request
  • AP Account Opening
  • New Contract Request
  • New Hire Onboarding Process
  • HR Offer Letter Process
  • Overtime Request Process
  • Personal Information Change Request
  • Dog License Application
  • Teacher Evaluation Process
  • Press Release Process
  • Public Information Request
  • Records Destruction Request
  • Repair Issue
  • RFQ Request for Quote
  • Accident – Safety Incident Report
  • Bullying Report
  • Aptitude Test
  • Service Request Process
  • Accident Report
  • Student Health Information
  • Student History and Information
  • Student Registration
  • Student Housing Questionnaire
  • Change Request
  • SNAP Application approval
  • Time tracking Process
  • Student Transcript Process
  • Shipping Request
  • Trip/Travel Request Process
  • Tuition Payment Process
  • PTO Vacation / Sick Leave Request
  • New Vendor Onboarding
  • Workers’ Comp Claim Process

I liked the conclusion that the Delphi Group ended their article with: “Ultimately our ability to provide knowledge workers with better tools with which to do their jobs will determine how quickly we can accelerate the growth and economic prosperity needed to create new innovations and new jobs – making this jobless recover and every future one as short as possible!”

The tools are available to make workers more efficient. In this past year, I have helped organizations implement Laserfiche Document Management and Workflow software. I have seen amazing increases in user productivity using this tool, Laserfiche.

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Laserfiche Quickfields Promotion

Laserfiche Quickfields scanning, Minneapolis MinnesotaNow through June 30, with the purchase of two or more users for your Avante system, use promotion code 2UFREEQFCPP to receive the following:

one free Laserfiche Quick Fields software (must pay for Quick Fields LSAP)
one free Capture II: Quick Fields CPP course
On May 3 and 5, at 10 am PST, join us for “Capture the Power of Your Information with Laserfiche Quick Fields,” a Webinar that highlights the benefits of Quick Fields, offers demonstrations and explains how to take advantage of this promotion. Click here to register.

Based on custom criteria, Laserfiche Quick Fields rapidly processes high volumes of data from various formats. By automating capture and indexing with production-level tools that take precise pieces of information—from both paper and electronic documents—Quick Fields turns unstructured information into usable content. Quick Fields simplifies repetitive processes with capture enhancement tools including OmniPage OCR, Zoom Fields, Image Enhancements and Page Removal.

Laserfiche Quickfields Brochure (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Laserfiche Quickfields customer success stories:

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, Minnesota