Laserfiche Announces a New IT User Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lasefiche has announced that coming in January a new Online State and Local Government IT User Group will be started.

The first-ever online Laserfiche User Group for State and Local Government IT customers goes live in 2012! IT users from all around the country will convene online for a peer-to-peer exchange of ECM solutions and issues critical to public service environments.

If you are a State/Local Government IT user of Laserfiche Document Management Software, the you will want to join us on January 18, 2012, at 10 am PT as Jerry Sawyer, Senior Programmer Analyst of Durham County, North Carolina, kicks off the group’s inaugural meeting by sharing his ECM strategy and success. In the user group meeting, he’ll discuss:

” Methods his county used to enable quick collaboration between the Department of Social Services and the County Attorney’s Office to prepare child welfare cases for trial.
” The system, servers and processes that improve his county’s efficiency and citizen services.

This will be valuable opportunity!

Beyond this formal user group meeting, the SLG IT User Group forum will officially launch on the Laserfiche Support Site on January 9. Starting on this date, SLG users may participate in the forum anytime by clicking on “Laserfiche SLG IT User Group” under the “Forums” tab in the “Laserfiche Technical Discussion Center.”

You are invited to attend The Art of Enabling the Government Enterprise with ECM on January 19 at 10:00 am PT.

Laserfiche 8.3 video

Here is a good video by Alex Wilson, Product Manager, Brian LaPointe, VP of Sales, and Steve Hackney, Senior Solutions Engineer, discuss how Laserfiche 8.3 helps organizations get more functionality out of their line of business applications.


Laserfiche Workfow 8.3

Laserfiche has announceed that Workflow 8.3 is nearing release. This will be the most exciting release to date, I believe. It will have a multitude of new features and functionality to help you streamline your business processes.

Some features that are scheduled to be added to to Laserfiche Workflow are:
• More than 30 new activities, including activities that can interact with PDF forms, external databases and digital signatures.
• The ability to schedule starting rules that let you run your workflows on a timer without a starting event.
• A new Common Searches Pane that lets you quickly run pre-configured searches for workflow instances. Plus, workflow instances now display information about conditions, tokens and activities.
• Workflow Statistics Reports that let you see information about your workflows (like the average time it took for a workflow to run or how many workflow instances are currently running) in a table or a chart.
• A redesigned Workflow Designer that is more friendly and intuitive. For example, you can organize your workflows and starting rules in the Rule Manager with folders and a new search feature.
• A complete Integrated Development Environment to use with the scripting activities.
• An extensive Workflow Administration Console that lets you monitor and interact with your workflows. The Console also has a variety of advanced performance options to ensure that Workflow takes full advantage of your system’s resources.
Besides all the new features, we created a Workflow Migration Utility that lets you seamlessly convert your Workflow 8.0 starting rules and workflows to their Workflow 8.3 equivalents, without interrupting your current processes.

Beware Storage Cost Will Be Going UP

Flood effects Hard Drive prices

I thought that this news may affect you if you are looking at updating your network or adding space for you document management system. There has been major flooding in Thailand, which is having a direct effect on world hard drive production. Western Digital’s primary drive production facility is under 12 feet of water. Seagate is currently running at 100% but they will be slowing down because the major hard drive motor manufacturer is under water as well. We will soon start to see drive shortages with prices steadily increasing. With shortages anticipated to last well into March pricing could possibly double.

Here are a few stories:

Drive shortages drive prices

Reters report on thailand floods

Storage cost going UP?

Larry Phelps
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Does Laserfiche Document Management SW work on tablets?

Yes, Laserfiche states it works on all tablets. So, I just had to see for my self. We tested access to Laserfiche WebAccess on several Android Tablets and it works great. A user has full user access via Laserfiche Webaccess, so they can do most of the functions a user on a PC can do. I had one of my engineers actually test it on a HP WebOs based tablet and it works. Here are some screen shots of WebAccess on an Android Tablet:
Laserfiche works on a tablet - Minneapolis Minnesota

In addition to Tablets, Laserfiche has a free App for Iphone:

IPhone users can have most the same capabilities as a user on a laptop. Here is Laserfiche’s description of the product: Laserfiche Mobile™ combines the flexibility of mobile access with the security and manageability of a DoD 5015.2-STD-certified ECM solution. By providing secure mobile access to the Laserfiche ECM system, Laserfiche Mobile to access Laserfiche and participate in workflows – without the inconvenience of carrying a laptop. For more details:
Laserfiche Mobile – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Laserfiche Mobile Free Download Info

To see Laserfiche Mobile App in action, click on this link.

Apple Ipad Application:
Currently Laserfiche is developing and about to release a Laserfiche App for the Apple IPad. This will enhance the capabilities of Webaccess. It is schedule to release early 2012.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Larry Phelps
Solbrekk Inc
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